Policy & Governance

The objective of the IOCN governance pillar is to provide oversight for immunotherapy treatment and services at a national level, providing easy access to, and facilitating the development of protocols, policies and guidelines.

Organisations we work with

The IOCN works with a number of organisations to share information and knowledge including:

To find the latest guidelines and protocols please visit our immunotherapy toxicity guidelines page 


Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions is particularly crucial for drug safety in the rapidly developing field of immuno-oncology, especially as the true incidence of ADRs may not yet be known, new ADRs may emerge and long-term effects are also as yet unknown. Reporting via the MHRA yellow card scheme and collaborative sharing of experience through the IOCN will facilitate accurate reporting and increase national awareness.


IOCN Policies & Constitution

The Immuno-Oncology Clinical Network applied to the Charity Commussion for charitable status in Spring 2023 and is awaiting to hear the outcome. As a professional organisation in the process of registering for charitable status the IOCN is governed by its Constituition and its Board of Trustees. For more information on all the IOCN policies and governing constitution please visit our Policies page. Our disclaimer and conditions for use policy can also be found here for all users of the IOCN website. 

If you are a member or interested in becoming a member our IOCN membership policy can be found here

Workplan examples


The IOCN is committed to our mission to improve the care of patients recieving immunotherapy through supporting healthcare professionals. Local quality improvement and audit projects are key to improving services, protocols and guidelines. We have listed some workplan examples below:

  • Quality improvement projects 
  • Data Collection Tools 
  • Audit 

If you are a healthcare professional and you or your organisation have an IO QI project, audit or data collection tool you would like to share with us please email enquiries@ioclinicalnetwork.co.uk


Is the IOCN a registered charity?

The IOCN has applied to the Charity Commission for charitable status in Spring 2023 and is awaiting the outcome of the application.  

Does the IOCN recieve pharmaceutical industry funding and support? 

The IOCN has currently recieved support from Bristol Myers Squibb to develop the IOCN and will be applying for futher grants and sponsorship to help us grow and support healthcare professionals. For further information on our fundraising policy please see our IOCN Policies page. 

Can I ask the IOCN for specific advice regarding a patient?

No we cannot given advice or answer specific questions. Please see the Clinical Support page for guidelines and information. 

I am a healthcare professional that does not work in oncology, can I join the IOCN?

Yes we are very keen to have healthcare professionals who do not work in oncology join our network. Our membership is open to any healthcare professional with UK registration that are involved in looking after patients recieving immuno-oncology treatments. 

I am a patient, can I join the IOCN to learn more about my immunotherapy treatment? 

No we apologise that patients cannot currently join the IOCN. In the future we are hoping to develop a patient interest group to involve patients in the IOCN.

I am a charity or organisation looking to collaborate or partner with the IOCN, how can I do this?

We are open to collaborations with other organisations and charities that share our mission. Please email us at enquiries@ioclinicalnetwork.co.uk

I am a healthcare professional or specialist with an interest in joining the IOCN team or becoming a member of a specialist interest group, how can I do this? 

We are looking for healthcare professionals from all disciplines and specialties to join the IOCN team. We are currently developing specialty interest groups within the IOCN. If you are interested in becoming a member of a specialty interest group please email us at enquiries@ioclinicalnetwork.co.uk