Case of the Month 

Each month the IOCN team will illustrate have a clinical case study to provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to learn, discuss and improve their understanding of immuno-oncology treatments and their side effects. 


Optic Myositis

  • A 41 year old gentleman who was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in January 2018
  • He was treated with anti-PD1/anti-CTLA4 combination immunotherapy
  • After 2 cycles of treatment he experienced  eye pain and inflammation and came into the cancer centre for review

MRI: Progression of the symmetrical proptosis bilaterally. Bulkiness to the extraocular muscles

  • March-July 2018: He was treated with high dose steroids and MTX with good resolution of symptoms after 15 weeks of treatment

    July 2018: Complete response to IO treatment

  • August 2018: Restarted monotherapy IO. Flare of arthralgia, back pain and headache periodically but managed with short term immunosuppression and treatment breaks
  • January 2020: Completed 2 years of therapy
  • August 2023: Ongoing complete response. Long term mild side effects managed under an IO late effects clinic

*patient has given permission for his picture to be used and contributed them to an article in the Huffington Post: